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So You’ve Been Scammed

Like many others you might have found this website after paying Fields Data Recovery for your hard drive, and realising that they aren’t going to deliver what they had promised earlier. Naturally, you’re angry and upset that you’ve been conned out of your hard earned money, and most of all there is still the prospect that your hard drive may have been tampered with too.

This page will outline the steps you need to take in attempting to get your money back, and alerting authorities about fields data recovery. Be aware that without informing organisation like Trading Standards Fields Data Recovery will continue to con other people just like yourself. We need everyone to come together to submit complaints about Fields Data Recovery.

1. Get Your Hard Drive Back with a Report

The first thing you need to do is make sure you get your hard drive back from Fields Data Recovery. There have been reports that they have not returned customers hard drives after their unsuccessful recovery attempts leaving clients out of pocket and without their hard drive. And once you do receive it, don’t try and open it or tamper with it further. Make sure when they send your hard drive back, they also send you a recovery report too so you know what they think was wrong with the hard drive. In most cases, they have often sent the same report to everyone. It’s sometimes a length explanation of how the internal components of a hard drive work which makes it look like they know what they are talking about, but don’t be fooled.

This is what a sample Fields Data Recovery report looks like, it may even be the same contact as this one.

2. Send Fields Data Recovery a Recorded Letter and Email

It makes sense for the client to try to retrieve the money lost himself before contact government authorities as they want to see you try and handle the situation first. You can simply detail a letter with your concerns and send it via RECORDED post AND email so there is no question of them not receiving it. So, Trading Standards ask you whether you tried to resolve the situation yourself, you can say you did. But be aware, it’s unlikely that Fields will reply to any of your attempts.

Click to download letter template (Coming Soon)

3. Contact Trading Standards

Okay, so you probably haven’t got a reply back from Fields Data Recovery. You now need to progress on alerting authorities about Fields Data Recovery and their malpractices.  There are two types of methods you need to use. Firstly, you need to report it as a scam: https://secure.consumerdirect.gov.uk/reportascam.aspx.

Next you need to officially contact Trading Standards using this link: http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/advice/problemswithservices-sum1.cfm. you need to enter your postcode which will then result with an address, email address and website.

Print out the following material to send to them, make sure to customize it with your own information and details where appropriate:

Click to download letter template (Coming Soon)

You must send this information via RECORDED POST, and perhaps a notification through email and inform them of the letter they should be expecting.

4. Getting your Money Back 

As mentioned in previous posts, the only possible way to get your money back is by issuing transactional disputes through your bank. This should work with both debit cards and credit cards, and has been reported to be somewhat successful if your side of the case is presented properly. If you haven’t done this before, you can consider this to be a little like a court case. You will need to submit information about why you think the service offered is unacceptable along with the information about teh company. In addition, you also need to enclose evidence on this too. We have put together a template letter for your transactional dispute, along with appropriate evidence. It is quite a length document altogether, but it has proven to work. The documents are designed to present to the bank that this company is a scam and can’t be trusted. The bank will then contact Fields Data Recovery for their side of the story, but of course, if the documents are presented properly addressing the issues which they are likely to bring up, you should win the dispute. Remember, everyone’s case is different, so we urge you to read through the below documents and modify where required and in accordance with your own case.

Click to download letter template (Coming Soon)

As always, this letter needs to be sent to your bank via RECORDED POST. You need to contact your bank to find out how to submit a case of transactional dispute, they should give you an address to use.


  • Louise said:

    Fortunately I came across these blogs before I parted with any money to fields however they still have my hard drive. I have been told it will cost £25 for them to send it back by courier or for free they will send it untracked which I suspect means they will not send it at all! Do you have any advice for ensuring I get my hdd back with minimal tampering/damage?! Thanks

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Louise, you can arrange your own collection with various companies to go and pick it up (which will be cheaper than the quote they’ve given you). Or you and just pay the £25 for the sake of preventing any further trouble, and just getting your HDD back.

    Have they provided an evaluation? Do you know if they have opened the drive?

  • Jason said:

    I have recently sent my drive to Fields. I paid them £240 yesterday to carry out the repair. After then seeing all the scam info i immediately rang them back and told them to cancel the transaction and send the hard drive back to me. I explained that i couldnt afford to have it done at this time. They say that they are refunding the money and will send back the hdd – i dont know whether to believe them.
    I also recieved an email, (following my enquiries) which clearly states that the drive has not been opened and that the warranty seal is still intact.
    Today i sent a friend to the Hammersmith office to collect my drive for me – I called them to inform them that i was going to collect it, they said it wasnt there, it was at the lab and that it wont be there until 2morrow. I said id collect it from the lab, they replied that they cannot disclose where the lab is?
    I really hope they send it back!!!!!!!!

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Sorry to hear this. They don’t want you to come to the lab because there probably isn’t one. The only facility that I am aware of is in WALES in Bridgend. If they aren’t prepared to give you details on their whereabouts you have two options. You can either pay them to send the HDD back to you using a signed for service, or you can arrange your own collection through a company. At the same time, I would also keep an eye on your bank account to make sure that they actually refund your money back. They never stick to their word. If they don’t simply ring up the bank and do a transactional dispute. This can work for both credit and debit cards. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Alex said:


    Thanks so much for this website. I was lucky enough to check for reviews on Rapid Data Recovery as my Macbook hard drive crashed a few days ago. I planned on sending my hard drive tomorrow as they seemed the cheapest ones out there. They quoted £97-300 incl VAT. In comparison the cheapest one Apple recommeneded is £395 excl. VAT. I guess i’ll pay the little extra just to be sure….unbelievable that this company can still be around. Thanks again for this website.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    I’m glad to hear that this website has changed your mind about using these crooks. This is our mission. Please be fully aware with all recovery companies, get all the information beforehand, research them, find reviews etc. All the best!

  • Amanda said:

    I sent my HDD on Friday and have had an email this morning confirming receipt and directing me to read their Terms & Conditions which I have just done. Also advising of the Fields Data Recovery Forum which seems to have a General Error message so I tried to google their forum and came across this…. Now I dont know what to do. Are there any success stories from this company – I am expecting a call advising me if/how much of my data they can recover and a cost – any advice???

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    There are NO success stories. When you get a call, this is what will happen. They will tell you what the problem is, usually something to do about the heads crashing, and that they need to be replaced. They will say, to begin, they need a payment for parts which you will obviously have to pay up to continue. After paying they will declare that the hard drive is unrecoverable. You lose your money, and potentially your HDD in this process.

    I suggest you call them yourself and get your HDD back, hopefully they wouldn’t have opened it. Once they open it, other companies are reluctant to touch it. Pay the shipping fee, and get it back!

  • jeff said:

    Oh god, I’ve sent them my drive. Haven’t handed over any payment details, but so far they’ve told me that they’ve performed a head replacement, and are currently reading data off the drive very slowly. Apparently for several days now.

    I just want my drive back so I can send it to somebody else. How should I go about this? I could say something like “Ok, I’ve found out you’re a scam. How much do you want to just return my drive no questions asked?”. Or perhaps I should drive to their Welsh office and refuse to leave without it?

    I feel so helpless.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Jeff, it might be too late. If they say they are ‘copying the data’ they have already pulled apart your hard drive. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait this one out.

    Generally, getting the hard drive back works when they have collected the media, and are just about to open it up for transplant in new parts, and thus haven’t mangled with its components.

    However, I’m slightly confused as how they have agreed to do the work without charging you for the ‘parts’ as they usually do.

  • chas giles said:

    fields got me good $800 worth. hard drive was good but i reformated it
    they only got a few months of emails that was still on my email server

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Chas, if there wasn’t any physical damage to the hard drive, and you simply formatted it without writing anything over the data, this can be recovered in your own home such as using free software as Recuva. It retrieves recently deleted files from the media.

  • Mair said:

    I paid £370 on thursday expecting my data friday. It didnt arrive. I took the hdd in to Bridgend personally. I feel physically sick. They said they would send me an email cintaining a list of recovered files but i havent recieved that either. Should I contact them about sending the hdd back or shall i just turn up at the premices? I feel so helpless! How do they sleep at night?!

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    There’s no way you’d get your data the next day. How did you pay them, I hope you paid them via card, preferably credit card. What was the £370 for – parts?

    I would ring them up immediately, and tell them you are coming down to pick up the hard drive. Once you’re there if they cause problems call the police.

  • Mair said:

    Thanks. Yes I paid with a credit card. They said they had to send it to the forensics department as it had bad read heads?! Within hours they phoned back and even read out many folder names to me.
    I plan to do as you said first thing tomorrow. Thankfully I live 30 min down the m4 from them so I can pop down to get it. What if they tell me its not there?! I also contacted the bank on sat and they seemed pretty confident I would get my money back but decided to wait untill tomorrow (Mon) to see what Fields has to say and hopefully get my hdd back. I dont want to “upset” them incase they “misplace” my hdd.
    Thanks for the advice! Ill keep you posted!

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    They seem to tell everyone that its a head issue, look at the email they send out here: http://exposing-fields-data-recovery.com/2011/01/fields-data-recovery-quote-sample-email/

    File names mean nothing if the data is corrupt and unusable. Watch the short clip here about the professor’s data which on the face of it looks intact, but was actually useless as they were all corrupt files.

    How did your hard drive get damaged?

    Ring them before you leave, but ask them first if the hard drive is at the same site you dropped it off to. If he says yes, then you can expect it to be there when you go and pick it up. Make a story up – say you’re going away for sometime and require the HDD back. Make appear genuine. Then of course, bounce the transaction with your credit card provider.

    All the best.

  • Mair said:

    Im not sure how it got damaged. It was missing a Windows system 32 dll. file. The guy in the pc repair shop said it was corrupt and they couldnt retrieve anything off the hdd. It didnt even get recognised and was making a high pitch noise. My laptop hdd was also so badly damaged that i needed to re-install windows on that. Anyway! I was thinking i may go through the motions of collecting the dvds, taking the laptop and inspect them in the car park?! And then when there is nothing or just rubbish on them i can go back and get my hdd?
    Im completely rubbish at this!!

  • Samy said:


    I made the same mistake by sending the hard drive which is making a clicking sound. I sent the hard drive yesterday through Royal Mail Special Delivery. After reading this blog I am desperate to get back the Hard Drive. Untill now Royal Mail Tracking Service is showing the package has reached the delivery office and is out for delivery.
    I am worried about my hard drive. Although I havn’t shared any bank details to Rapid Data Recovery. The Account Manager from Rapid Data confirmed me that an initial feedback will be recived soon with an a quotation.

    Please advise me how to get the HDD back without any further damage by them.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Ring Royal Mail and see if you can halt the delivery and get it returned. Or tell Fields that you have changed your mind and refuse delivery, or tell them not to open the package.

  • Samy said:

    Thanks for your prompt answer. I actually sent the hard drive to Rapid Data Recovery. I called Royal Mail to stop the delivery but they confirmed me that once the package is handed over to Royal Mail counter then the item is owned by the recipient. There is a no way to stop.

    I called the company and they said they havn’t received it yet. My worry is if I tell that I have changed my mind even before they have received and request them to refuse delivery then then they could cause damage to the hard drive, as I have no control on them and it will be their wish to open it or not.

    I want to be tactful. Extremely worried with the situation I created buy send it to them. Could you suggest any other plan whereby they will be compelled to send it to me without doing any damage to my hard drive.

    My concern is they could cause harm to the hard drive if they see no money from me.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    I would explain to them that you have sent the wrong hard drive, and thus they should refuse the package and they will have no interest in investigating the wrong media.

    If they open it despite you verbal and written request not to do so, you may hold this against them.

  • Samy said:

    Called the company this morning and explained that I have sent a wrong drive and requested them to send me back the wrong drive. Received an email(with wrong job reference) from their Customer Service with Return delivery option. They proposed two options:
    1. Royal Mail untracked delivery service-Free service
    2. COurier Service which will cost me £25.00

    But I have few concerns:

    Happy to pay £25 to get back my HDD but my worry is by sharing my credit card details they might take out more money than they said. Seems like the request for return service needs to be done online through their website.

    Another concern is whether they will send me back the correct HDD at all. I may open the pack and see an empty case.

    Can you suggest how to make sure that my HDD is returned safely after paying just £25.

    2. UPS Courier service

    The company told me that they have received the package and they intend to send it back through Royal Mail first class delivery. Sounds like they are not going to send it back. Can you suggest any collection company who can get it back for me. I will try to insist them to send it back through special delivery service but not sure whether they will agree with my proposal.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Pay your £25 and get it secured. Ask them if they opened the package. Keep an eye on your card details its unlikely they will fraudulently charge it again as to them you’ve made an honest mistake.

    Ideally you should get your package back unopened, enclosed within a courier bag.

    You can find other courier companies that will collect from their premises (which is also cheaper than the £25 option), however, they might not agree to this.

  • Anita said:

    I have just been scammed by them and I am gutted. I have just tried to open the “Recovered” Data to discover it is completely useless and it has cost e £445 plus VAT. What an idiot I am – I have never been scammed before, but they certainly take advantage of the panic that follows a broken hard drive. I have phoned my bank to start a visa dispute plus am going to try and call tomorrow to get my hard drive back from them. I wondered when the letter templates would be ready to download as I certainly need as much help as possible to get any money back from them.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Begin the bank dispute. Submit a complaint to Trading Standards. Enter your details in the contact page to receive the templates: http://exposing-fields-data-recovery.com/about/contact/

  • Dimi said:

    Can someone advise me if there is a link between fields-data-recovery and rapid-data-recovery (rapid-data.net)?
    I just suffered an external HDD problem and sent a few emails to companies I found in and around Glasgow and in Britain in general. Whereas a local guy with excellent reviews and recommended by my department IT tech asks me £350, I got a phone call from rapid data recovery after using their online form. The man on the phone asked me a few questions about how the failure occurred, what files are in my drive and then said it cost £97 to repair. He said I need to send it to London and that they’ll be a FREE Diagnostic Report and a FREE file listing of all recoverable data before I decide if I want to proceed or not.
    Having looked online I came across this page, so I’m asking are the companies part of the same scam? Should I still trust them and go ahead or go with the other option?

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Yes, RAPID DATA RECOVERY and FIELDS DATA RECOVERY are the SAME COMPANY. Stay away from them both and explore other options.

  • Dimi said:

    Thanks for the information! I found the following page which I hope is serious and there are reviews of several companies; I took the top 5 reviewed and emailed them for enquiry about my problem. I see reviews for Fields data & Rapid data recovery on this page are the worst!
    Glad I found your page. If it can be of any help, the website is:

  • Paul said:

    Just had a very lucky escape from Fields when my girlfriends external HDD failed. I did a quick internet search for data recovery and Fields came up, I spoke to guy who advised the issue sounded like firmware and would be around £100 to fix. I was in a rush to get this sorted so drove from Bristol the Bridgend to drop the drive in on a Friday afternoon. Come Monday wanted to call them and find out the state of my drive but didn’t have the number. A search for Fields brought up this site and my heart sank. Quickly phoned them and told them that drive was now being done by my IT Dept at work and I needed the drive now so it could be sent off to my companies data recovery partners. Then drove back to Bridgend to recover the drive with no problems.. Phew! Sent it into Xytron who sorted the data recovery with no problems! I feel for any who gets scammed by these people, they are just preying peoples desperation to get their vital data back.

  • grace said:

    I can’t believe I didn’t do my research. Sent my hard drive last week and was promised a diagnostic would be done by last Friday, surprise no contact from them at all. Sent my drive to 100 pall mall. Called today and was told there’s a mechanical fault and they’ll call me later. No call. I want this hard drive back, I’ve not paid any cash. Im not too far from London and can pop into Pall Mall tomorrow but I don’t want them to know I’ve read reviews and am suspicious…. Any advice? Has anyone gone to their office before?

    I’m so so gutted

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    They have probably sent your drive to their South Wales Office. Ring them up and tell them that you’re coming to pick up the drive. Make up an excuse. Say it’s urgent. Ask them if they’ve opened your drive., if they haven’t tell them not to. Do this as a matter of urgency, otherwise your data could be lost forever!

  • grace said:

    I called them up yesterday and they told me that same old stuff about needing the parts shipped over and its a mechanical failure. I told them I was close by their office and I wanted to collect it but they said it wasn’t there it was at some lab. I told them I wanted it urgently and they’ve agreed to send it back to their main address and I can pick it up this week. OK her researched their ‘office’ and there is no office at that address! However 100 pall mall is other address I have to collect the drive from…. I’ll update you when I try to collect it! Thank u

  • Phil said:

    I wish I had done my research. I contacted several companies and FDR and a guy called Steve Jenkins contacted me back promptly by phone. Very courteous, no pressure and convincing. I have now parted with £200 which it is claimed is non-refundable for spares and repairs regardless if the data is recovered or not. 3 weeks have passed and I called Steve, he claims they are awaiting delivery of the spare parts and will be on it asap……this does not make any sense and basically I know I have been scammed. Will now follow retrieval process and start lodging complaints…..very disappointed.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    It’s the same old story, I’m afraid. It appears your case is an example of another scam. I would make arrangements to retrieve the media ASAP.

  • Tom said:

    I need someones advise, please. I’ve dealing with a london based company called Graffs Data.
    I was told I needed to give them my drive so they could find out what was wrong exactly. I first became suspicious when they (or just some man in a flat) said they hadn’t received my faulty drive when Royal mail tracker service said they had. I overlooked this once they had it (They said they asked the delivery depot to resend it :-P) and awaited the results of their inspection. The tone of their emails has also been subtly unprofessional, with poor grammar.
    Graffs provided me with a test report and a quote for £330. Knowing that data recovery is an expensive process I decided that was fine and asked them to go ahead with the recovery. They sent screenshots of files which I recognize but I’ve just read an earlier post on your site that suggests that those are probably just corrupt illusions, is that true in this case?
    After being told they had recovered 130gb of data I was asked to provide a backup drive for it to be copied onto. I sent one but was then told that it was also faulty! Damaged by Royal mail I assumed! (I’m sounding very ignorant by now, I know!) Just today I realized that I’ve been sending my hardware to a flat in Maida Vale (the full address wasn’t provided – I only found it after trying to organize a pick up delivery with a courier for my next backup drive).

    Earlier I asked if that was the correct address (Since graffs.com actually specifies that it’s located at another address) and how they could possibly have a ‘100 class room and lab’ in a flat, to which the response (jibberish) was:
    “Marylebone address serves business clients and Canary Wharf only cloud corporate accounts. Individual customers should send their devices to Maida Vale address.
    Terms are provided on the very first reply to all of our clients to ensure they stay updated on what they are signing up to, as this was with you.”

    In the most recent email they’ve stated that the hard drive didn’t need to be opened:
    “If a device is needed to be opened in a clean environment, we send them to our Canary Wharf lab which has the facility. In your case we did not need to take the drive apart, we swapped ROM to bypass the Manufacturers firmware to retrieve data.”
    yet the invoice listed around four different components that had been ‘replaced’! How could that be possible. What can I do if I already gave my consent (albeit on false premises, I’m quite sure) I haven’t paid the final sum yet. Have I been scammed? Well obviously I have, but it’s a shock. Perhaps nothing has been done to the drive other than plugging it into a cradle and using software to open the files, just to fool me into paying up. At the moment it looks like I’m going to have to go to this flat to get both my hard drives. I’m sure if I say I want the hard drives back they’ll respond with: ‘You gave your consent and work has been carried out so you must pay.’

    Please advise! Kind Regards, Tom.

  • Tom said:

    I’ve now received this offer: “We feel you maybe having difficulty finding a suitable backup device, our supervisor have authorized an upgrade to 256 GB flash drive from FREE 60 GB device at a discounted price of £30.95

    RRP for this device is around £110.

    If you’d like to accept this offer, we’ll add the cost of this device to existing invoice. Please let us know if you prefer this option.”

    This must be a scam…

    I’d really appreciate your advice. At the moment my plan is to ask for my hard drives back (Do I come up with some excuse or just ask flat out?). If they tell me I have to pay up their fee’s I’ll tell them I’m reporting them to trading standards. Hopefully I’ll get my drives back one way or the other.

  • Sergey said:

    Check http://www.datarecoveryprofessionals.net/

    Graffs Data even not mentioned there. Seems a proper scam.

    Scammed by Rapid Data (Fields). Going into dispute with them. Will post results here.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Consult that website with caution. Like all review websites Fields Data Recovery and their subsidiaries have been posting shill reviews on the Internet.

  • Phil said:

    Up date. I sent a letter/email to Fields Data Recovery indicating that I would be pursuing legal action against them. Within 24hrs a gentleman called Daniel Richards called me. He basically indicated that within a 72 hr time frame the lab had finally got the parts and tried to retrieve the data and this had not been successful…..nothing at all. I explained that I was extremely upset as 4 days earlier I had been informed that they were still waiting on parts and I had instructed them at that point not to continue with any repairs, but just return the drive. He did finally agree that my drive would be returned and did telephone 24hrs latter and said that I would receive a re-fund. That was nearly 4 weeks ago and I am now contacting my bank to dispute this transaction. I have to say that I have not been impressed by the service and would not recommend these guys to wash your windows, let alone dabble with your hard drive. Any recommendations of a good company would be greatly appreciated.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Phil, your story, I’m afraid is typical of Fields and their subsidiaries. The ‘we have to wait for the parts’ story is all too common, I’m sure that the initial payment you made were probably also for the parts. It’s not surprising that they didn’t recover anything.

    If you have in writing that you instructed them not to continue with the repairs and they continued anyway, you can hold this against them and use it as evidence in your transactional dispute which you must file ASAP.

    I would also begin looking into court action as you’ve withdrawn your consent to open the HDD, and they continued anyway. Report them to the ASA for mis-leading advertisements on their website, particularly regarding their success rate (which I am sure they quoted you something quite high).

    Finally, press on them to return your HDD, and try to go without paying them for the delivery. If they persist that the payment is necessary you might have to pay for the sake of getting your HDD back – be sure to dispute this also. If you can, arrange your own courier to pick-up the drive from their location – this service will be cheaper than theirs.

    If you plan on pursuing the recovery of your HDD you’ll find they you will have to now pay extra due to the fact the drive has been opened.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Just to add, be sure to file a Trading Standards dispute – it will add to their reputation with the Trading Standards body as well as support your case for your transaction dispute with the bank.

    All the best.

  • Ilona said:

    I nearly got ripped off thank you for running this website. I sent my HDD to them because a friend sent me the link! It was when I got the quote of £400 rather than the £97-200 that I was originally quoted, that I did a google search that I realized it was a scam. To advise others who get in a similar position to me; I made sure I recorded all phone conversations with the company on a dictaphone with out their knowledge. When I was taking to them I got them to confirm they had my HDD (serial number etc) and their diagnostic (which was the same as the sample reports on this site). I then said that I couldn’t afford it and that I would arrange for a courier to collect it from them. parcel force is good, cost me £12 rather than rapid data’s £25 -£40. How is this company STILL allowed to operate? I am now stuck with a very important HDD which I still need to fix, does anyone have any advice where is proper and recommended place to go?

  • ken said:

    they ripped me off sent my drive in partied with 240 pounds they said the recovery was unsuccessful im awaiting them to return my drive. they lead me on to make me believe the success rate was higher then anything im just praying when the drive is returned i can retrieve the information off it asap. ill shall be going thru the process of getting a refund as soon as i receive my drive. im so angry right now

  • Sadie said:

    I have just been sent back my hard drive from the Wales branch after sending it to London to Rapid Data. I paid £230 to have the hard drive repaired and the second I paid I heard nothing back from them until now. The hard drive has turned up (which is something I guess) still broken, possibly worse than before, and with no letter or anything to say what has happened. I don’t know what to do now. I feel totally useless for not doing proper research on this, what an idiot. Do I stand any chance in getting my money back? How do we get the templates for the letters etc.?
    If only I had seen this website before.

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Call your bank and tell them to dispute the transaction. They will begin an investigation, and then you’ll have to prepare a strong letter outlining the events that took place and essentially why you are disputing it. You’re welcome to use the evidence on this website to support your case. Also, at the same time, contact your local trading standards, and use their reference to support your letter to the bank so everything is official.

    If your bank is understand, then it’s not hard to get your money back. Your HDD however, may well be damaged beyond repair – you’ll only find out if you pursue its recovery elsewhere, but expect to pay a LOT of money.

  • Kate Roth said:

    I sent my drive to them over eight weeks ago. They charged me £195 to “buy” parts. After not hearing anymore from them I searched the internet. Same spiel seems to be told to everyone. I sent a recorded delivery letter and they did call me but then said not to expect recovery. I will now try and get hard drive returned. I have reported company to trading standards and might try a small claims court action if they don’t supply the part I paid for…..I am amazed that a company like this is allowed to trade. I asked for a vat invoice but of course was not supplied with one, or a receipt for the payment. No paper trail. Considering complaints go back to 2006 and they operate across Europe and a German documentary exposed them in 2009 and they are dealing with people who are distressed about precious data loss why are the police not involved?

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    The best way to get your monies returned is to call your bank and initiate a transaction dispute. It will reverse the funds. They will then ask you to provide documentation as to why you’d like to do this, and then they’ll investigate themselves. It’s always important to record the complaint with Trading Standards so as to form yet another strike against their company.

  • Lynn said:

    I haven’t used Fields Data Recovery but I came across this site when searching for information about data recovery scams. I am currently in the midst of a data recovery nightmare with another company: Data Retrieval. I wonder if you have heard of or have any experience with this company. This is their website: http://www.dataretrieval.ca . They also go by the names Data Recovery or DataRecovery, and there are multiple offices across Canada and the US. I’m trying to figure out if this company is legit or a scam, since there seems to be mixed reviews out there.

  • Hannah said:

    I wish I’d found this website before I’d paid £360 to Rapid Data Recovery to try and retrieve my data – as with almost every customer – no luck, despite having ordered new parts and carried out numerous recovery attempts in their clean lab.

    I cannot believe this company is still operating.

    I have asked for my HDD and the parts they ordered to be posted to me. Has anyone had all of this sent back and then managed to successfully recover their data using another company? My worry is that Rapid Data have deliberately damaged my hard drive and that I now have no chance of retrieving my data.

    Thank you for this site!

  • Fields Data Recovery Scam (author) said:

    Contact your back immediately and file a transactional dispute. Put your version of events together and send it to them, feel free to print articles from this website, along with some reviews to strengthen your case. They will be mediating the case.

    Then, submit a case to trading standards to contact Fields on your behalf should they not comply. Even if you have got the HD back, still put a complaint in to TS.

    All the best

  • Matt said:

    Just adding my experience to this thread. I had an unresponsive hard drive from which I needed data recovered. I talked to Fields Data Recovery. The account representative seemed perfectly reasonable and I felt it was worthwhile to have a free evaluation done. I sent the drive in via the free 2-day air service from central NY to Saint Louis, MO. Shortly after they had the drive I was called by the account representative. He seemed like he was calling me to tell me the results of the evaluation but then he said he didn’t really have any information yet and would have to call me back.

    When I received the call back I was told that there was a firmware issue and a mechanical problem and that it would be possible to recover about 50GB of data from the drive. I was told it would cost $900. After a little protest the representative seemed to go and speak with his boss and came back with $600 with the condition that we pay that immediately with a credit card. Being an academic institution I made it clear that immediate payment would not be possible and that it might take up to a few weeks. They finally agreed to honor the $600 price if it was not paid that day. The invoice I was emailed, however, was for $820. I had to reply and have it corrected to the $600 that we had just agreed to on the phone. The invoice was also extremely generic and included no information about my hard drive or what was going to be done to it.

    As we pursued funding options over the next couple weeks the account representative proceeded to call me almost every day, sometimes calling back three times in a ten minute period on both my office and cell phone. After all this I decided to abort the payment process and indicated to the account representative that we would not be able to afford the $600 and asked him to send the drive back. I was met with no protest and told the drive would go out in the next two weeks and that I would get a shipping confirmation when it did.

    After two weeks still nothing. I called the account representative and was referred to customer service. The customer service representative told me that the drive was being put back into the condition in which it was received and would be sent out but could not give me a timeline. Two weeks later I called customer service and spoke to the exact same representative. She did not remember talking to me and when she looked up my drive said that it had not been marked properly in the computer as needing to be returned. She said she had corrected it and it would be sent out as soon as possible. I made it very clear that I was starting to doubt whether they were going to send it back to me at all and that I would be calling them extremely regularly if it was not returned soon.

    A week later I called again and left a message with the same customer service representative. Later that day I received a call back saying the drive was going out the door. I received the UPS shipping confirmation later that evening. Five weeks after I asked for it my hard drive was sent back to me. I received the drive a few days later.

    Though I don’t see any obvious signs of the hard drive having been opened or abused I am concerned that it may not be in the same condition it was in when I sent it in. I would not be the slightest bit surprised, however, if they did not actually do anything to the drive and were just telling me work was carried out in order to get the payment from me. I find it hard to believe the account representative was actually even consulting with his boss about cutting the $900 to $600 based on the ease with which it was carried out and other reports I have read of similar price reductions.

    I am extremely unsatisfied with my experience with Fields Data Recovery but am at least thankful that I cancelled the payment process and was able to get my hard drive back. I have very little faith that I would have received my data in a timely fashion, if at all, had I gone through with the payment. I am now sending my drive in to a more reputable firm that will not demand payment without showing me proof of what needs to be done or what can be recovered.

  • Thao said:

    Didn’t do my homework prior to sending my HD to them! Lost some pictures/videos by accidentally reformatting my HD. Tried to DIY it but couldn’t recover the data. Paid $800 and was told the process will be completed 24 (they will deny and did) hours after they receive my external drive. 3 business days pass, and I emailed and called back to find out what was going on. I was then informed that everything was received but then told that they have no idea when the process will be completed. I never got a receipt or any confirmation or job number emailed to me. I had to ask for it after I started to get suspicious that something wasn’t right. The invoice is generic as hell and has no details of the actions they did. I demanded for them to stop services and to send my HD back with a refund but they refused and “did the recovery” which was nothing except the data that was already had on my current setup. I didn’t get any “recovered data” and this is now almost 3 weeks later! I have just submitted a dispute to my bank. I hope this works out for me but I’m not very optimistic about this. I will likely be another statistic and out $800, but hopefully I can help someone else from making the same mistake! This company is bogus and shouldn’t be operating but they are somehow…

  • Jos said:

    Hello Tom,

    I’m Jos from Graffs Data Recovery. Although the post relating to Graffs Data recovery is slightly outdated, we feel the need to put things into perspective for every one viewing this forum.

    First thing first, Tom as it may be unprofessional to reveal details without your authorization relating to your case, I’ll try and address your concerns as best as I can.

    Location: Graffs data is web based, as it states on the index page of our website. This means we do not need a retail outlet to receive customers, instead we run from a workshop locations around the City. Clean room labs are located in Docklands, where we send all the equipment that needs to be processed in a clean room environment.

    Test fee: We receive thousands of inquiries and units each year therefore, we feel it is reasonable to charge £20 to test a unit where orders have been cancelled customer request. Returns of such units are free and trackable, however, if you need it on express terms then we charge £10 to send the unit via UPS Next day.

    Backup Unit: It clearly states that 60GB is provided free of charge on a flash drive. We can not fix your back up item if it arrives. It must be a working USB unit on receipt. (This was discussed with you extensively)

    Data confirmation: Screenshots of your data and where possible file lists are provided before a payment is taken. As it was with your case. This is to avoid accusation that companies can extort money on mere file listings.
    (Photos of you on holidays along with educational data was provided to you and confirmed by you)

    Success of recovery: Units with internal damage are not always recoverable and when they do, percentage of recovery depends on the damage unit has sustained. We try and advise as accurately as possible. (This was 87% in your case)

    Cancellation: Customer can cancel the orders at any time, however, cancellation of order once recovery has been completed and invoices sent are not acceptable. If data recovered is not satisfactory or corrupted then we can accept request to cancel orders. However, in your case it was simply an issue of non-payment and we had no choice but pass your info on to our debt recovery firm. This ended up with Tom paying the full quote he agreed to)

    We feel it is customers right to be upset sometimes (data loss is frustrating) and we do everything to address this as best as we can at Graffs data recovery. However, painting a one sided picture is hardly fair.

    Bottom line: We do not change our final quotes or change our story. You will always have the right to cancellation (: but please not after we have done all the heavy lifting. With Tom it was the case of customer who could not be bothered to read info sent his way. As Tom stated in the post above, first thing we want to ensure is customer is aware of services we provide and how we provide them. We keep them updated via support case which is monitored through out working hours each day.

    Conclusions: Please understand our (GRAFFS DATA RECOVERY) explanation above is for Tom and tom only and may be other customers reviewing GDATA UK.
    Customer from other firms may have experienced differently and no doubt may have been abused. They have a right to air out their grievances and gain compensation. We wish you all the best.

    Team leader (Customer services)

  • Ms S said:

    I too look like I’m a victim of this horrid scam. My hard drive broken we had a friend of ours look at it and he sent it off to their lab they came back saying there’s a 70% of recovery for the price of almost £650 so me trying to save money though there must be a company online that might save me money I googled data recovery that’s when I found Rapid Data Recovery I received a call the next day from Daniel Maynard who said I would need to sent the hard drive to him in order for them to quote I even read the text I had been sent by our friend which clearly (for anyone that understands all these computer things) what needed to be done. I sent the hard drive to them recorded delivery they called me at 4:50 on a Wednesday saying if I paid the £406 before 5pm they could order the part. I had to think about this as it was more than I expected he called me back the next day where I tried to negotiate but he shot me right down I asked to speak tot he manager he explained he was. I stupidly paid via debit card I might add. Since then nothing I emailed on Friday and received a reply saying the part had been received but it’s in their US office. When I told my husband he said it sounds like a scam so then I decided to do some research and found all kinds of horrible things. Now I’m not sure how to go with it. I really want to make some excuse ring him Monday and request they send it back but I’m not sure what sounds good to not make them suspicious. I just want my hard drive back like everyone else.
    What can I do? I’ll try for a refund after the arrival of my hard drive.

  • Renee Edgar said:

    They told me on the phone that they were able to recover all my photos from 2010-2015, my music, and documents, so I paid them $825. They sent the Zip drive to me. I opened it clicked on the photos folder and was completely empty! Being that the photos in my iPhoto’s folder were the only thing that I had asked them to recover it was total BS. They tried to pull up the photos in my hard drive again and were unable to. They said my $ was non refundable which is not fair Bc they lied to me and told me they recovered my photos and was the only reason I paid. To make things worse I sent my hard drive to another company who told me that Fields Data on their last attempt to recover my data must have caused the whole drive to Head crash which means it’s completely crashed now. So not only did they lie to me they actually made my drive fully crash. Anyway I put a stop to the charge w Amex and am currently disputing it legally. The manager wouldn’t even call me back the last time I called in. FYI I was very pleasant to deal with to them during the whole process and they were trying to avoid me. Don’t use them They also had a “D” rating on BBB

  • Rob Arnold said:

    Phew, thank you for this website.
    I was feeling really pleased that I had found Fields Data Recovery online. The first company I phoned and the guy I spoke to gave me complete confidence. He dealt with my inquiry professionally and sympathetically. I agreed I would send my hard drive to them at the address on the email that he was sending me, they would have a look at it and give me a quote for the work required to recover my data. If the data was unrecoverable or the quote more than I wanted to pay they would return the HHD with no charge. What could I loose?
    I was too busy to remove and send the drive straight away and a few days had gone by. Then I had a call from a lady from Fields to make sure I had received their email. I apologized for the delay. Next day I get another call from another person to see if I still required their services.This is when bells started ringing, well tinkling really, I was still happy that I was using a reputable company. But before sending it off today I thought I would look online for a review of their services. Just wanting to see if they are as good as they sound. Well they certainly know what they are doing!.. Having been the victim of a payment card processing scam last year that took me for £500 I know how helpless you feel when you get reeled into one of these scams. My heart goes out to every one here. It makes me angry that these professional thieves are allowed to stay in ‘business’ preying on the vulnerable public. And for so long too,I notice your fist post was 2011!
    Why can we not have a Government Trading Standards Office that will investigate these companies and have the power to close them down??
    Thanks again for this website, another potential victim saved!

  • JRJ said:

    Had a HDD failure with quiet clicking, so likely hardware issue, confirmed by local computer repairer (who I trust!).

    Was quoted £97 starting price over phone even though I stated that likely HW problem. Sent in drive, was told that file listing intact and was able to see via a weblink, and that data would be extracted once they had received funds. Quoted now £995 + vat to recover data, spoke to phone op and asked if decimal point in wrong place! He said no, that problem with read heads, and when I declined this quote he was able to call back later with new quote of £595 + vat. To cut long story short during further discussion was told that data had been recovered and would be released after fee paid by credit or debit card or paypal. I asked for vat invoice up front and was told that not possible and would receive after payment. Escalated to manager and he sent proforma invoice with vat no but no invoice number.

    Please help…..do I believe them and pay up or do I get drive back and send elsewhere???? Thanks in anticipation.

  • opie said:

    I fell for their scam. They strung me along for two months with false hope and promises. No one would ever return my calls. When I pushed to talk to someone I received the same BS answer for 2 weeks straight – “your hard drive is being imaged”. After all that time and money I received a cold form letter explaining to me that my recovery failed. Don’t make the mistake I made. Believe all of the negative feedback regarding this company.

  • Isobel said:

    Hi all,

    I don’t know what to do! I paid today £250 deposit for parts and labour, and received the invoice. I just decided to google the company, as it said ‘Fields Data Recovery’ instead of the ‘Data Specialists UK’ that I thought I had contacted!

    I discovered all these reviews and threads, and called them immediately an hour after I had paid to ask to cancel. They said no, they have ordered the part. I said if I must I can pay for the part, but not the labour which they had already told me wouldn’t start until Monday. Then I was told that it was out of their hands and it would have to be passed onto the Operations Manager.

    I am furious and I don’t know what to do next! Have called them and emailed a LOT today and now no reply.

    Any ideas? Need advice desperately!

  • Mary said:

    I had a good experience with Fields Data Recovery. My external hard drive crashed and I lost information for two companies. They sent me a UPS label for shipping my drive to them. We were able to come to terms on the cost and they sent me my information on a hard drive. I was able to get almost all my information and what I did not get was not important. I got the information for the two companies and could not be happier. If you need your data they will work with you on every thing including the price.

  • JeffW said:

    They sent me this mail first:
    “…your device has been ruled as a failed NAND device. A Monolith Chip Lift (MCL) is necessary for this recovery. … The total cost for this will be $1800.00 Of that, $900 would be due up front for the additional labor. The $900 upfront is non-refundable, however we have a 75% success rate in performing a MCL…”

    After I decline to pay $900 up front, my device was returned after two weeks, but the CHIP is GONE! Then they claimed never received the chip! (WHAT? You wrote to my it is a failed NAND??)

  • Julian Opificius said:

    Gave them $500 and my Seagate drive. They said platters weren’t damaged, but the heads were damaged, and that they could change the heads and attempt to recover the data. They “tried”, then told me “no data could be recovered at all”.
    I didn’t believe them: how could (and why would) a drive systematically destroy absolutely all of its data in its death throes?
    Got the drive back, and in looking for an alternative lab discovered that Seagate have their own recovery lab. Wish I’d known that before!
    Sent the drive and more money to Seagate, and they recovered all of the data – ALL OF IT.
    I’m definitely going after Fields now.

  • Fawzi ahmed said:


    I used fields data recovery and they lured me in by promising that they will assess my damaged hard drive and return it if the price is not right and will return to me free of charge. I stated that I have a laptop and can not remove the hard drive and they stated that it is fine to send the laptop to them.

    I was not happy with the price quoted and asked for me laptop to be returned to me ( free of charge as they promised.)

    1. They called me stating that it will cost me £50 to have my laptop returned to my home address and when I told them of the original agreement they offered an alternative free drop off point.

    2. My laptop was returned to me with a broken screen and when I contacted fields data recovery they refuse to help and ignore your emails

  • Stephen Soos said:

    Damn, same old story, wish I had checked them out. I mistakenly formatted my HD and sent it to Fields. Steve Jenkins called me and said my drive was faulty, they would send me a link to the files they recovered, but nothing until an email asking for £1000 for new heads. This drive is in perfect working condition. I have asked for it back and got a one line email saying it would be sent via Royal Mail 21 day untrackable service, which does not exist.

    How can these people be allowed to carry on this scam ?

  • stefan said:

    like everyone else on here, I sent my 2tb USB HDD in to rapid data recovery. Had the same tired email about ordering parts, didn’t proceed because I wanted to get an equivalent quote from another company. Received the HDD back 3 weeks later. Their quote was £600. Sent to another company recommended by WD and they quoted £1600. In the end, asked a local specialist to look at it and this was his findings:
    Unfortunately on this occasion it has not been possible to recover data from the failed hard disk drive. A matching part was found however it was destroyed when it was replaced into the hard disk assembly. The donor parts used were immediately damaged, this is a result of there being physical damage to the platter surface of your faulty hard disk drive. In these cases it is not possible to recover data from the disk. In this case because the hard disk drive had been previously opened it is impossible to know whether this physical damage was the reason for the original disk failure, or whether it was a direct result of previous inappropriate handling.
    the chances of a successful recovery are lower in case when the drive has been pre-opened. As such, the non-recovery in this case is not unexpected. I realise that nonetheless that this will still be disappointing to you.
    It is also important to note that it appears that the head-assembly had already been replaced prior to work being conducted here. Or at least the original failed head-assembly had been removed. I would suggest that if a previous data recovery company has told you that either data could be recovery and provided evidence of what data this might consist of, then it is almost certain that they performed work on the drive and extracted the data.”
    So although I spent no money, it looks like they might have my data which, shock of all shocks, they say they don’t have with a picture to prove that the hdd was untouched (presumably a stock image they already had). Not sure what to do now.

  • rick said:

    I sent them the drive with no payment information, and I asked them to return the drive. They never sent me anything else after I sent them the drive. They said they can send it back for free in 2-3 weeks, or pay 30 dollars to get it back in 1-5 business days, I told them to send it back for free in 2-3 weeks to be safe, but will they actually send it back?

  • Kate said:

    Sadly I did not read this before I sent my hard drive to Fields data recovery, but after the large number of calls and tests I received, I started to become suspicious…I then found this webisite… They currently have my hard drive and after a quote of over £500 I have asked them NOT to proceed. They have said my drive will be returned to me in 2wks via Royal Mail, or I can pay £25 for DHL delivery. I don’t want to wait and would pay for the DHL delivery – I wondered if anyone has paid them for this service and what was the result – do they give you a tracking number? did you get your drive back? And did they take any unauthorised payments from your card?
    Or are they likely to accept me arranging courier to collect?
    What I would like to do is drive to get the drive but struggling to do that due to distance and work/family commitments.
    I feel super stupid for doing this, I really want my drive back, but don’t want to give them any money until I know what is the likely result!
    Any advice gratefully received.

  • Richard said:

    I wish I had seen this site earlier, sent my drive to Fields data recovery they did a basic check and told me they have got to order parts from America to recover any data.
    Here is the initial report:
    RE: Hard Drive Recovery

    The report from the lab has been finalized and the engineer has reported the following.

    · When powered the drive clicks and spins down
    · Drive opened within clean lab for internal examination
    · Failing read/write heads preventing access to data
    · Possible damage on media surface area causing mechanical and logical read/write operation to fail.
    · Partition tables unreadable due to read/write failure

    Access to data is unsuccessful due to damaged read/write heads.

    The heads are the mechanical components that read/write data to/from the internal platters.

    The work required to correct the faults include:

    1. Drive disassembled within clean lab facility
    2. Drive rebuilt with compatible donor heads
    3. Drive to be placed on Data Extractor to improve stability and read/write process
    4. Attempted Sector by sector image

    This is a highly skilled process that is not infallible. The chance of a successful recovery once this process has been completed is approx: 50%.
    Unfortunately there are currently no parts in stock to complete the rebuild but we can purchase a compatible donor from our suppliers in the US. Was celled by account manager and told cost is £250, which I took as the cost of everything and said Ok and paid but when I got home and checked my email I found it was £250+vat for parts and labour then another £189+vat Data Recovery. After waiting another three weeks and not hearing anything from them I sent them an email saying not to bother and just send my drive back, that was on the 4-12-2016 and on the 7-12-2016 they said “We have completed the physical rebuild with a donor HDD that was purchased but the drive failed to extract any further data potentially due to surface complications and damage sectors.”
    I asked them just to send my drive back which took another 12 days and passed on to customer service, it is now 12-01-2017 and still no drive, been told it was sent by 2nd class untracked on the 19-12-2016, I don’t think they have even posted it.
    If I was doing this again it would NEVER BE WITH THESES RIP OFF MERCHANTS.

  • Talon said:


    After a sudden stop of my drive I looked into getting the data recovery and guess what ended up using these guys. Since I know a fair bit about such kit I could give them plenty of details regarding the fault and environment (no spindle running basically). Knowing pretty much full well it was not a mechanical fault and a controller / firmware issue I was surprised to hear that they had got the it running ( without a board swap and rom chip transfer) but could not retrieve the data due to buckled heads? This got me thinking wtf, how if the board had gone? Ok so they tested the brushless motor – not hard to do and doesn’t require anything more than access to the 3 contacts which are visible (don’t try this anyone unless you know what you are doing I have missed a lot out here like voltage and pulsed circuits). But to say they couldn’t read the data got me thinking something was off. Was in a rush and didn’t twig the motor / data conflict of information till after the call.

    They wanted £425 + Vat to source replacement parts and rebuild in their clean room, also a further £175+ Vat to recover data with a 70-75% rate of success. Then to add insult to injury another £80 + Vat for a replacement transfer drive. My gut instinct was yelling something was wrong here so said I would think on it.

    Doing a little research on possible drive faults I came across you. Phew, and thank you for confirming my gut feelings about these rogues!!

    Called them back and politely asked for the drive back and confirmation it had not be tampered with. Drive is still in warranty so played the RMA card.

    They said sure no problem. Will speak again to tomorrow and see what they say. I also made it quite clear in the email that I had not given anything other than an inspection diagnostic authorisation.

    Fingers Crossed they don’t hit it to damage heads trying to prove their story?

    Will report back on results.

  • Talon said:


    The drive has been returned without antistatic protection and poorly wrapped. Further to this they have punctured the top cover allowing dust to enter the device. I sent the drive to Seagate directly and request they investigate the possibility of tampering. Legal action will pursue if this is found to be the case.

  • Pinky said:

    Oh how I wish I’d found all this before hand!!! My story replicates pretty much everything everyone else has said and now I’m hoping and praying that my drive comes back in one piece and the same as when I sent it – I have learned now that it’s likely the issue is minor compared to what this company made it out to be. But if they damage it further then it will not be a minor issue and I’ll likely lose my data. That’s if I get it back at all. F*ck. 🙁

    What’s also surprising is that I think numerous people have tried to get this company investigated by trading standards and nothing is being done at all.

    Has anyone actually received a drive back after rejecting their offer? And has it returned in the same state you sent it to them?

  • Pinky said:

    Does the BBC still do Watchdog?!!

  • Pinky said:

    Or Rogue Traders perhaps?

  • Zahoor said:

    Mine was a terrible experience. I have emailed and waiting for my £270 to be returned. No data was recovered. I was promised physical repair of a micro sd card (taking it apart and soldering equal length wires to the NAND chip.. and so on). However the card was returned intact (without physical repair) in a jiffy bag with no protection that I had supplied and told there was no data on there. Previously they told me there 70-75% chance the data was there. So much for data protection. I have rang them at least 6 times and each time been told no one is available (busy) and someone will get bak but no one does. I have not even had an email reply back to the refund request.

  • Mo said:

    I sent my iPhone 5 to data recovery specialists (part of the same group) they were unable to retrieve the deleted data but asked for a £300-400 non refundable payment to do further work on the iphone to retrieve the data. I rang back to say I did not want to proceed further..for the past few weeks I’ve been trying to get my iPhone back and guess what these guys have done they destroyed and disposed my iPhone!!! Apparently they don’t keep anything for over three weeks!! They admitted an email was sent by them to inform me they would dispose the iPhone but they had the wrong email address for me so it bounced, they made no further attempt to call or write a letter & now they’re refusing to handle my complaint!! There was crucial evidence on the iPhone which was needed for a pending court case .DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!

  • richard said:




  • William said:

    Only a really very similar story to add to a growing list here.
    A sudden hard drive failure led me to contact Data Recovery Specialists (the exact same people) and I first spoke to someone who told me that they were based in Cardiff. A really very nice guy who seemed like he wanted to help and told me that a typical repair was around £200. He even told me about a student discount I could claim and that I wouldn’t need to pay anything if they found the data to be unrecoverable. So I was convinced that if I packaged it up and dropped it off at one of their drop-off points, I would be able to recover my data.
    They called once the they had the hard drive to say that they were diagnosing and that they would be in touch if the data was recoverable. Thankfully, I stumbled on this site to which I am grateful before I received their next call and when they had sent through the price for the repair, they quoted £450 excluding VAT for a 6-7 day turnaround or £900 for a 2-3 day turnaround. I feel like they had also assessed my desperation to have my data recovered and that this was reflected in the price. After seeing these comments of course I didn’t pay. Had I not seen it though, I could be seriously left out of pocket. Other than the £12.50 it cost to have them send the hard drive back to me and quite a bit of time wasted running around for a solution, no harm was done. I got the hard drive back too which appeared to not have been opened.

  • Evan said:

    After making a mistake and going with Fields Data, and giving them weeks more than discussed to “image” my hard drive, I decided, after researching them more and finding this site, to immediately demand that they stop the recovery process and send it back. After blaming me for not paying soon enough (“If you had paid sooner, the drive would be in better condition and this would be done”), I asked them to stop imaging it and send it back. Josh, the guy handling my case, said he would speak to his manager and call right back. Three days later, I called and demanded him to send the drive back, and followed up in an email to have it in writing that I wanted all work stopped and the drive returned.

    Josh replied along the lines of “We’re not holding your drive hostage, but we will continue to do the work you requested, and you first must reply that you understand the original charge is non-refundable.” In other words, they’re not holding it hostage, just keeping it now without permission until I affirm that I’ll pay them. How can I get the hard drive back, while still keeping open the ability to have my bank contest the charges? How the hell can we punish these extortionists?

  • Annette said:

    It’s NO better in the States. Do NOT use this company.  Sent in my hard drive and it obviously has some damage to it.  Eventually they were able to get to my files.  Though I only needed TWO of the files from my entire hard drive, and BOTH were on my desktop, they wouldn’t take $500 to drop & drag 2 files for me.  They wanted $650.  Once they found out I couldn’t afford the $650, “Dan” said he would get with his manager to see if they could provide my 2 files to me for $500…and he’d call me back.  Two days later he never called so I called him.  He told me they couldn’t provide my 2 files for $500.  I told him that people who don’t have a lot of $ deserve calls backs too.  I was an IT for more than 15 years in the military. These hacks think when you don’t understand what it takes and you don’t have the $ they want, they can just tell you anything. Taking my business elsewhere

  • Lee said:

    Rare success story–I agreed to use this company before reading these reviews. I had already gone through the low-ball initial quote for $400 and had it jacked up to $1700. It was company data on a Unix hard drive that had stopped working. After 5 weeks went by, and the rep, Josh Parks, only giving me updates when I demanded them, I finally came across this site and immediately disputed the $1700 credit card charge. Another week went by, then I got a UPS Shipping notification from Fields Data Recovery. 3 days later, I received both my original hard drive and a cloned drive that booted up with no issue. I reversed the dispute and allowed payment. I just wanted to put my experience out there. It was perfectly in line with all the other reviews with the exception that my data was successfully recovered. Customer service was horrible, unresponsive, and inattentive, but I got my data, so that’s good enough for me.

  • Danna said:

    I sent in a broken flash drive with only two files on it, I was told I would get a discount since it was for a school. I got the email with the report on my media, the list of recoverable files and the ‘no-obligation’quote to recover the data. It states on their website that if you don’t wish to proceed, we’ll send your media back to you and you won’t have to pay a penny!. I think 800 is a little steep for me, for two files on a 8GB flash drive (even if that’s the normal rate for recovery) that I can probably reproduce. I sent an email that I did not want to proceed with the recovery today. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them soon, I wish I came across this sight before I sent my flash drive

  • mark said:

    I looked online and the site said the cost would be up to $865. I had to type in my name and phone number. Stephanie called me within three minutes. I asked her specifically, is the cost going to be up to $865 but not higher? She said yes. She told us the cost would be “up to” but not exceed $865 for the recovery.
    I sent in the drives. Josh called me and said the price was now over $3400. Then while talking, he said $3200. Then he offered 20% off. I offered the original quote of $865 and he laughed.
    I am extremely disappointed with the lack of professionalism shown and the out-right lying. I would NOT recommend this data recovery company. They did return the drives.
    One other other thing, they list REGUS offices in Manhattan, and some where else, as their own. Anyone can pay Regus $99 a month for that forwarding address. They don’t have any data recovery lab there. They have one lab, located in Saint Louis.

  • Peter Gilbert said:

    Unfortunately I did not back up any of my 4000 pictures on my htc phone. I went for a run in the rain and water seeped in through the pocket. Like an idiot I put the charger on it as it did not switch on . It never came on.
    I input ‘data recovery’ on google and these lot contacted me straight way with lots of encouragement stating it would probably be £150 and we will get the pictures back, “send it to us registered post marked to my personal attention” etc etc …very reassuring.
    I received a call the next day stating they head received the phone and were looking at it. They then sent a mail stating the following Report and analysis:

    results have shown that in order to attempt the data recovery the media
    needs LAB TIME
    to create a direct dump of the memory, whether via a direct wired
    connection to service contacts of the memory or removal of the memory
    itself to allow a  direct dump of the contents which will then require
    investigation to decipher any data modification algorithms
    and assembly parameters before we can make attempts to extract the

    This is a highly skilled process but unfortunately isn’t infallible. The chance of a successful
    recovery once the process has been completed is approximately 70%.

    The costs to continue are as follows:
    Parts / labour required to attempt work – £225 + VAT.
    If unsuccessful this initial payment is non-refundable.
    If successful the cost to retrieve your data will be applicable:

    Data Recovery and transfer of data to a Pen Drive – £195 + VAT.
     The initial payment via credit/debit card and the process will be completed in approx 4-7 working
    I look forward to receiving your response.
    Many thanks
    Steve Jenkins
    01656 644842

    I decided to decline the offer as I thought it excessive. They returned the phone after much badgering but it had been opened up .

    I contacted another company and sent the phone off to them. They re contacted me to say the news was pretty bad and they were struggling to get anywhere with it and were surprised how much water damage their was considering the circumstances. They are investigating the phone further .
    I am now thinking that Field Data may have deliberately sabotaged the phone once they realised they were not getting the contract

  • Pissed Off said:


    Save your money and avoid FIELDS DATA RECOVERY – DO NOT send this “company” your hard drive or personal data!

    This is what will happen (not only has it happened to me, but to many others). If you send in your drive they will most likely tell you that it’s a head issue, which seems to be there go to answer for everything. They will initially tell you that they have great success stories with a full recovery from previous jobs. Then they will send you an email with a return address so that you can ship the content.

    Once they receive the drive, Josh Carter will call you and tell you that they will run all sorts of test. Shortly after Josh Carter will call you again with results from the diagnoses test. He will rattle off all sorts of numbers and tests that they ran, which means nothing to you. Most of us don’t even follow the intricate details of hard drive issues and software errors, or we would of attempted to fix it ourselves. This will just make them sound more legit. Hey… they’ve been including you in, step-by-step throughout the whole process.

    Now they will give you a call and tell you that indeed you do need a full repair. Including parts and labor for a successful recovery. $503 will be due upfront (non-refundable) and the balance will be due upon successful recovery. The full cost to replace your hhd and to attempt another headswap will bring the total cost to $913.

    Once you send them $503 Josh Carter will suddenly be hard to get a hold of. After leaving several calls to no avail you will suddenly feel like that you’ve been scammed! They will now send you to Josh Carter who is the manager and he will get to the bottom of this. You know the good cop, bad cop scenario. He will just feed you a bunch of empty promises and ramble on about how the process will take longer than usual.

    In the end I did receive back my hard drive. I ended up sending it to another place. They alerted me that whomever opened this left fingerprints all over. Which has made the recovery even harder to retrieve any content on the drive. These idiots are so transparent that they make me sick. They are nothing but a ‘company’ of scam artist!

    Personally I think they should all rot in jail!

  • Jackie Frazier said:

    Do you know if there is a page like this for the U.S. version of this company? (resides in MO)
    I was scammed out of $700.00 and the Better Business Bureau wouldn’t do anything about it.

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